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Very Low Profile Rotary Switch company  


Digitran's Custom Solutions
for specialized Rotary switch Requirements
Alpha Switch

Precision Timing and mounting; Medium Current, Very Small Space Customer required a long life switch that would accurately switch high t inductive current across multiple positions.

Solution: Digitran’s engineering, using exclusive VLP® technology, solved the problems associated with contact erosion associated with high currents, and still achieved ±1.5 degree electrical contact conduction over the life of the switch.

High density contacts with high reliability a must for a specialized application requirement for a military platform, this rotary switch also required special mounting hardware, customized knob assembly and wire harness (not shown)

Delta 1 Rotary Switch
PIcture Currently not Available
Extreme environment, High Density Switching for Precision Weapons
Digitran’s elegant solution to this application was qualified in record time. Final product was a custom assembly featuring a high density rotary switch, specialty enclosure, 76-pin connector and wiring harness. Digitran designed safety lockout mechanism prevents accidental arming.
Elongated Shafts and Mechanical Isolation Featured in High Current Rotary Switches

Customer wanted a replacement for a specialized switch used in a niche market. The switch is used in large display panels in control rooms. Typical application are remote track control for subways and rail systems or remote valve control used in fluid control systems. Digitran's solution is smaller and more reliable than the current primary sources product.
MU Signals Rotary Switch
Iota Rotary Switch
Power potentiometer and rotary switch features tensioned manual override stops for precision control

A single turn 260 degree, 5 Watt potentiometer, integrated into a reliable rotary switch gives the operator repeatable setting to highly sensitive control. Dual spring return action integrated into the shaft can be manually over-ridden in CW or CCW motion.This switch also required a panel seal. Because our bushings are one piece we can seal shaft and panel with "O' rings to meet panel seal requirement.

Family of
rugged rotary switches with various features such as push and pull momentary switches and mechanical isolations for entering and exiting.

A series of similar sized switches some with Push to turn, some are rotary only, some have stops, others like the one show has a momentary push and pull feature combined with a coded output rotary switch. You can actuate the push or pull feature in any position. This switch also has Digitran's one piece stainless steal threaded bushing which is grooved for an "O" ring panel seal. These switches are built rugged to withstand the constant vibration associated with their intended use on military aircraft.

Beta Rotary Switch

AS9100D | ISO9001:2015
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